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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Portable Edgebander

1.      Radius Edgebanding Solution

You probably have a large edgebander that runs straight pieces right?  What do you do when you run into a radius piece?  Do you go through the hassle of doing radius edgebanding by hand or paying someone else to fulfill those needs?  Portable edgebanders provide a low-cost solution to do radius edgebanding much quicker and with excellent quality.

2.      All-Purpose Edgebander

One portable edgebander user stated, "For a small shop, this could serve all his banding!"  If you are just starting or don't currently have a large volume of edgebanding projects, a quality portable edgebander can serve "all your banding needs."  And if your volume increases to the point where you decide to buy a larger straightline edgebander, you still have a radius edgebanding solution and another edgebander to fall back on when your big edgebander goes down. 

3.      Portable & Space Efficient

Whether you use it in a table setup or not, the portable edgebander takes up very little room, which is a huge benefit for most woodworkers. Also, with the right portable edgebander, you can do edgebanding at the job site, the shop, and basically………wherever.   

4.     Low-Cost

Every shop is looking for a low-cost way to accomplish tasks while maintaining quality.  Unfortunately, you may often find yourself unable to find edgebanding solutions that meet your needs without overextending yourself.  Perhaps you are stuck between buying an expensive, larger edgebander and using cheap “out of date” tools that require more time and effort than is necessary.  The portable edgebander provides a simple and effective solution that can fit almost any budget.

In summary….

The portable edgebander is a great straight & radius edgebanding solution for the smaller shop and for all shops that have radius edgebanding needs or would benefit from doing edgebanding on-the-job.  The portable edgebander is space efficient and can cut down time and costs, remove bottlenecks, and reduce headache for those edgebanding by hand or outsourcing their edgebanding projects. 

Click for more information:

Portable Edgebander Video


Posted by Kyle Johnson of Shop Gear Inc.


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