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IWF 2022 - Edgebander and Power Feeder Demos at Booth B4136

International Woodworking Fair - Atlanta 2022 Come see us at Booth B4136 under Co-Matic Machinery to see our power feeders up close, including the Award Winning DC Series Power Feeders.  We will also be demonstrating the Co-Matic Portable Edgebander in both the hand-held and table setup.  We look forward to meeting you in person.     Location: Georgia World Congress Cen.... read more

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AWFS 2021 - Shop Gear Inc, Booth 2368

For those attending AWFS Las Vegas from July 20th though July 23rd, we look forward to seeing you at booth 2368.  Come see our industry leading Power Feeders, including the award-winning DC Series Variable Speed Power Feeders.  We will also be demonstrating our Co-Matic Edgebanders in both the hand-held and table setups for contours and straight edges.  Our line of Pizzi Cold-G.... read more

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Resawing Veneers on a Bandsaw

Resawing veneers can be a challenging task.  When resawing on a bandsaw, it can be difficult to produce evenly cut veneers while keeping your hands away from the bandsaw blade, especially if production ramps up.  Koality Woods, a high quality supplier of guitar & ukulele sets added an AF110 Pneumatic Bandsaw Feeder to their bandsaw in order to keep up with production.  This.... read more

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Choosing the Right Table Saw Power Feeder

DC Feeder on Table Saw
Although power feeders are most commonly known to be used on shapers, running a feeder on a table saw is becoming more popular.  We previously wrote an article about choosing the right power feeder for a shaper, so we decided to tackle power feeding on a table saw.  This article is not only meant to help you figure out the ideal power feeder for your table saw, but to also deta.... read more

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Power Feeding Hardwood Floor Panels through a Shaper with a DC70 Power Feeder

The DC70 Power Feeder has 7 small rollers and is commonly known for it's capacity to feed smaller and narrower parts that are difficult to feed with standard 3 and 4 wheel power feeders.  Because of the 7 small rollers on the feeder that are close together, it also feeds larger panels very well due to the added hold-down.   A wood manufacturer in Pennsylvania manufacturers por.... read more

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Angle Feeding Moldings through a Non-Tilting Shaper with a Power Feeder

A woodworker in Virginia doesn't have a tilting spindle shaper, so he added a bed to his shaper table, adjusted his DS400 Smart Feeder and ran his large moldings through this setup.  Check it out: . read more

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Which Power Feeder for Shapers?

4 wheel power feeder
With a wide variety of power feeders to choose from, how can you decide which option is best to run on your shaper?  We answer this question and dissect how to determine which feeder is ideal for shapers in your woodworking shop.  We break this down by examining (1) 3 wheel vs 4 wheel feeders, (2) feeding shorter parts, and (3) speed capabilities.  In doing so, we focus on the .... read more

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Using the DC40 Power Feeder on a Bandsaw

This woodworker typically uses our Co-Matic DC40 Power Feeder on his Felder Hammer combo machine, but decided to try it out on his bandsaw by using the instant 90° adjustment to get the feeder angled perfectly against his bandsaw fence. . read more

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The Ideal Edge Banding Machine for Schools?

A school district that was edgebanding "The Old Fashioned Way" Straddling the line between balancing a budget and acquiring ideal woodworking equipment, especially edge banding machines, can be a very difficult task for schools.  RUSD (Redlands Unified School District in California) was edge banding the old fashioned way with spray adhesive when they discovered a low-cost.... read more

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Contour edgebanding in the hand held setup with a portable edgebander - Wilding Wallbeds

Wilding Wallbeds has been running a Brandt KDF-520 Edgebander for the past 5 years; however, projects requiring the production of contoured parts were very difficult to complete, as the KDF-520 only edgebands straight parts.  The edgebander operators found themselves having to edgeband contoured parts by hand, which was a long and tedious process.  In 2014, Wilding pu.... read more

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