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Resawing Veneers on a Bandsaw

Resawing veneers can be a challenging task.  When resawing on a bandsaw, it can be difficult to produce evenly cut veneers while keeping your hands away from the bandsaw blade, especially if production ramps up.  Koality Woods, a high quality supplier of guitar & ukulele sets added an AF110 Pneumatic Bandsaw Feeder to their bandsaw in order to keep up with production.  This.... read more

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Choosing the Right Table Saw Power Feeder

DC Feeder on Table Saw
Although power feeders are most commonly known to be used on shapers, running a feeder on a table saw is becoming more popular.  We previously wrote an article about choosing the right power feeder for a shaper, so we decided to tackle power feeding on a table saw.  This article is not only meant to help you figure out the ideal power feeder for your table saw, but to also deta.... read more

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Which Power Feeder for Shapers?

4 wheel power feeder
With a wide variety of power feeders to choose from, how can you decide which option is best to run on your shaper?  We answer this question and dissect how to determine which feeder is ideal for shapers in your woodworking shop.  We break this down by examining (1) 3 wheel vs 4 wheel feeders, (2) feeding shorter parts, and (3) speed capabilities.  In doing so, we focus on the .... read more

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Portable Edgebander - Table vs Hand-Held Setup

hand-held edgebander
                                        The Portable Edgebanders offered by Shop Gear Inc. can be used in the hand-held setup by running the edgebander by hand around your work piece or in the stationary setup by placing it in a compatible table and running your wo.... read more

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Woodworking - How to Justify a Machinery Purchase?

To Buy or Not to Buy? Unless you purchase woodworking machinery in order to better enjoy woodworking as a hobby, investing in machinery can be quite stressful and create great uncertainty.  For every woodworker (excluding most hobbyists), machinery investment decisions hinge upon whether or not the machine being decided upon will produce higher profits than the current .... read more

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The Portable Edgebander Part 2 – A Good Fit for a Larger Shop?

contour edgebander
  Last week we focused on the smaller shop and hobbyist in Part 1 of this 2-part series.  This week we will discuss how to know if the portable edgebander is a good fit for the larger shop.  Large straight-line edgebanding machines, CNC routers, and sliding table saws are some of the many machines typically found in a larger shop.  With such large and exp.... read more

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The Portable Edgebander – A Good Fit for a Small Shop?

edgebander small shop
  The portable edgebander is an intriguing product in the woodworking industry and is becoming increasingly more popular as a small shop edgebander. One owner of a portable edgebander stated, “For a one man shop I think this thing could serve all his banding needs.”  For some small shops, however, it may not be worth having.  Each woodworker and shop is uniqu.... read more

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Portable Edgebander

1.      Radius Edgebanding Solution - You probably have a large edgebander that runs straight pieces right?  What do you do when you run into a radius piece?  Do you go through the hassle of doing radius edgebanding by hand or paying someone else to fulfill those needs?  Portable edgebanders provide a low-cost solution to do radius edgebanding much quicker and with excellent q.... read more

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