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Edgeband & trim straight edges and contours hand-held or in a stationary setup with our Co-Matic Hot-Melt Edgebander kits

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tabletop edgebander

Tabletop Edgebander System: Hot-Melt Edgebander + Table System - BR500-TK

BR500 Edgebander + ST95A Table System & ST97 Straightline Fence Attachment - Use in Table or Hand-Held

The Co-Matic Tabletop Edgebander includes the BR500 Hot-melt Edgebander, Stationary Table, Tape Dispenser, Guillotine, & Straightline Fence Attachment, allowing you to complete edgebanding projects quickly with quality in a tabletop setup.  For parts with curves or that are too large to edgeband in the table setup, simply remove the edgebander from the table and finish those parts by running the BR500 Edgebander hand-held.

Complete Set Includes:


  • Tape Thickness: 0.4 - 3 mm
  • Width of Tape: 16 - 65 mm (0.63 - 2.55 in)
  • Feeding Speed:  1.0 - 6.0 M/min (3.28 - 19.685 ft/min)
  • Output Power: 1065W, 1 phase
  • Glue Pot Temperature: 120 ºC - 200 ºC  (250°F - 390°F)
  • Glue Pot Capacity: 400 ml

*The ST97 Fence Attachment also includes an attachment for the optional Trim Station Upgrade (ST95 table and PD80 Edgeband Trimmer) 

Co-Matic Tabletop Edgebander Kit

Model: BR500-TK
Price: $2,643.00 $2,839
Add Edgeband Trim Station

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