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BR600-TK Max Edgebander - Straight Edge Kit

BR600-TK Max
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Product Details

[tab name='Overview']Tabletop Edgebander System: Hot-Melt Edgebander + Table System - BR600-TK Max

BR600 Max Edgebander + ST95B Table System & ST97 Straightline Fence Attachment - Use in Table or Hand-Held

The Co-Matic Tabletop Edgebander includes the BR600 Max Hot-melt Edgebander, Stationary Table, Tape Dispenser, Guillotine, & Straightline Fence Attachment, allowing you to complete edgebanding projects quickly with quality in a tabletop setup. For parts with curves or that are too large to edgeband in the table setup, simply remove the edgebander from the table and finish those parts by running the BR600 Max Edgebander hand-held.

Complete Set Includes:

  • BR600 Max Portable Edgebander
  • ST97 Straightline Fence
  • ST95B Table & Dispenser

[tab name='Specs']

  • Tape Thickness: 0.4 - 3 mm
  • Width of Tape: 16 - 65 mm (0.63 - 2.55 in)
  • Feeding Speed: 1.0 - 6.0 M/min (3.28 - 19.685 ft/min)
  • Output Power: 1065W, 1 phase
  • Glue Pot Temperature: 80 ºC - 200 ºC (175°F - 390°F)
  • Glue Pot Capacity: 400 ml
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Options:

    1. This Kit Includes the ST97 Fence Attachment, but it can be removed from this kit.
    2. The ST45 Bevel Attachment can be added for those who wish to edgeband beveled edges.

    *The ST97 Fence Attachment also includes an attachment for the optional Trim Station Upgrade (ST95 table and PD80 Edgeband Trimmer)

    [tab name='Videos']

    [tab name='Reviews']"They (Co-Matic Portable Edgebander) are simple to use (after a little practice) and will actually do 3mm just as well as our Brandt contour bander......... For a one man shop I think this thing could serve all his banding needs."

    - Larry Schweitzer - L.K. Schweitzer Inc

    "I have had this edgebander for about 18 months now and it has been one of my best purchases. It works great for all types of edgebanding from .5 mm to 3 mm. I have also used it to put laminate on edges of countertops and back splashes. It has saved me a lot of time because it is quick and easy to make adjustments to fit the projects needs. I would highly recommend this product."

    - Carl Wilhelm - CW Designs, USA

    "The edgebander is working great. We were using the 0.5 mm flat edge tape and it has a much better finish as compared to other machines I tried. Your customer service has been excellent. I couldn't ask for any better."

    - Dave Robinson - Sherwood Shelving, British Columbia, Canada

    "I gave the edgebander a test run right when I got it and it works really great. It is just as easy to use as I would have expected in the videos."

    - Rich Petrillo - Montalbano Inc, New York, USA

    “I run 0.5mm edge banding and it does a solid job. This edge banding machine allows me to spend more time on other tasks now that I don’t have to spend so much time edge banding by hand.”

    - Tyler Nay - TrimArt, Utah, USA

    "We used to do the curved edges by hand and it took a long time. This little edgebander has made this process a whole lot quicker."

    - Wilding Wallbeds, Utah, USA

    "Well built and consistent glue line. Manual adjustments are very helpful. 65mm thickness and bevel edge capability is a plus. Multiple speed operation is helpful for many different applications."

    - Dura-Top, Idaho, USA

    "Just started using the BR 500 for putting 3mm PVC on 1-1/8" thick counter tops with 3" radius corners. It works great with flexible PVC, not as well with standard PVC. We've also successfully applied 2mm and .020 PVC on a tighter radius. This should save us a considerable amount of time compared to gluing by hand."

    - James Johnson, Idaho, USA

    "I build frameless cabinets and desks for mostly industrial use. This tool cut my banding Time way down. It’s a learning curve but when you get used to it this bander works great. I’ve used it on .04 to 1/8” thick banding and have no problems other then you need to adjust the temperature. We had to go down to 275 Farenheit for the thinner banding so it wouldn't melt. I have all Festool tools in my shop and this is the only time I went off the brand. I love all of them but they are overpriced. That’s why I tried something different and this tool works just as good and it hooks up to my Festool vacuums the same. The instructions this came with are not the best, but overall I love it for its size and versatility."

    - Chris Jones, Pennsylvania, USA

    "We needed a contour bander for the occasional curved edge. We couldn't justify buying a large unit for the few times that we need to do this type of work. This unit fits the bill perfectly for us. So far, so good."

    - Gene Gruber, Wisconsin, USA

    "We were in a rush to get the portable edgebander set and Kyle really went out of his way to get everything to us in a very speedy manner. Edgebander works perfect and Kyle is such a pleasure to work with!"

    - Janet Davis, USA

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