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Power Feeders

Co-Matic Power Feeders

Run material safely while achieving smooth cuts. As the premier distributor of Co-Matic Power Feeders in North America, we offer the highest quality stock feeders for shapers, table-saws, jointers, and bandsaws, including the first ever DC Variable Speed Stock Feeders.

Why Shop Gear Inc.?

1. Durable & Backed by a 2 Year Warranty

All AF & DC Series Feeders are built to the finest specifications in the industry with steel gears and are backed by a 2 year warranty.

2. Leader in Innovation - First Ever DC Brushless Servo Series

The patented DC Brushless Servo Variable Speed Power Feeders are the most efficient and flexible heavy-duty stock feeders for shapers and table-saws in the industry.

3. Feeding Solutions for Band-Saws, Shapers, Table-Saws, Jointers, and Combination Machines

Many shops try to use stock feeders designed for shapers on table-saws or band-saws. We offer feeders specifically designed for shapers, table-saws and band-saws, resulting in a superior feeding solution without having to make modifications.

4. Quality, Value, & Support

With over 30 years of experience distributing a variety of stock feeders, we are confident that you won't find power feeders with higher quality, durability, and flexibility. Our products our warehoused in the Unites States with parts and feeder wheels to support your power feeder needs promptly.

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Junior Power Feeder
Junior Power Feeder
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