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Shop Gear Inc. is a premier distributor of Co-Matic Power Feeder Products & Hot Melt Portable Edgebanders, Feeder Wheels, Feeder Parts, & SawGear Miter Saw Stop Systems in North America!

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DC Variable Speed Power Feeders - For Shapers & Table Saws

The Most Rugged, Flexible, & "Simple to Use" Power Feeders for Table Saws and Shapers  

The patented DC Brushless Servo Variable Speed Power Feeders are the most innovative feeders in the woodworking industry. Designed for heavy-duty woodworking on shapers and table saws, experience increased torque while decreasing energy costs, thanks to a powerful and efficient DC Brushless Motor. 

With pure variable speed adjustment, easily set your desired speed quickly with simple digital controls and without having to change any gears. Also, when pushing parts against your shaper fence, instantly rotate the feeder 90° without having to loosen and re-tighten various joints.

power feeders for woodworking

1. DC Brushless Servo Motor 

Save over 75% in energy costs while producing equivalent torque as 1 horsepower AC motor feeders.

variable speed stock feeder

2. Variable Speed & Digital Controls

No more changing out gears.  Easily identify your feed rate and change the speed quickly with the turn of a button at 1 FPM increments until you reach your desired speed from 7-72 FPM in forward or reverse.

table saw power feeders


3. Modifiable Wheel/Roller Layout 

No longer do you have to completely remove a wheel in order to have clearance when running stock on a shaper or table saw. Run the DC30 or DC40 feeder with standard wheels or simply replace them with narrow RU21 wheel(s) to keep distance between the roller and shaper cutter or to have blade clearance by straddling a saw blade. 

variable speed power feeder  

4. Instant 90° Swivel Adjustment

The gooseneck attachment on the end of the Power Feeder Stand allows for a quick 90 degree adjustment to position the feeder perfectly in-line with the fence or against it. Also adjust the feeder to incline feed when needed. An incline feeding adjustment indicator helps position the feeder at the desired angle.

power feeder stand

5. Upgrade to SS130 Smart Stand

The DC30 & DC40 include the universal, heavy-duty SG13 Feeder Stand (compare to US03), but are also compatible with the SS130 Smart Stand for increased durability and flexibility.

Additional info on the SS130 Smart Stand