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Power Feeder Parts

Shop Gear Inc. provides all of the power feeder parts compatible with Co-Matic made Power Feeders. Simply let us know the parts you need relative to the diagrams below and we will provide you with pricing and availability. For wheels/rollers, click here: Power Feeder Wheels

Click on the power feeder model in the list below to view the parts breakdown relative to the parts you need:

DC30 Variable Speed Power Feeder

DC40 Variable Speed Power Feeder

DC70 Variable Speed Power Feeder

SS130 Smart Stand for DS Series Feeders

1/8HP Baby Power Feeder

1/4HP Junior Power Feeder

1HP 3 Wheel Stock Feeder

1HP 4 Wheel Stock Feeder

1HP 6 Wheel Power Feeder

AF10 Bandsaw Power Feeder

AF19 Bandsaw Power Feeder

AF110 Bandsaw Power Feeder

1HP (AF04) Track Power Feeder

Parts Request

Thanks for contacting us. We will respond shortly.

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