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Feeding Hardwood Floor Panels through a Shaper w/ DC70 Power Feeder

The DC70 Power Feeder has 7 small rollers and is commonly known for it's capacity to feed smaller and narrower parts that are difficult to feed with standard 3 and 4 wheel power feeders. Because of the 7 small rollers on the feeder that are close together, it also feeds larger panels very well due to the added hold-down.

A wood manufacturer in Pennsylvania manufacturers portable dance floors and had issues running plywood panels through their shaper with a standard 4 wheel power feeder so they upgraded to the Co-Matic DC70 Power Feeder. A rep with the company stated the following, "That feed roller you sold us with the 7 wheels is working wonderfully! The supervisor said it has cut his time in half! Glad I saw you guys at the IWF show! The roller (DC70) provides constant and steady pressure. Previously, we would get down to the last 12” and the operator would have to push really hard to get the plywood through the cutter. With this machine that is not the case."

Check out the video of this shop running their DC70 Power Feeder:

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