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PVA Pizzi Glue Applicators

Pizzi PVA Glue Applicators for Cabinets & Hardwoods - Woodworking

Upgrade from glue bottles and start gluing the quick and efficient way

Pizzi Wood Glue Applicators for cold/PVA glue(Titebond and more) are built to not only speed up your PVA gluing process, but to also improve your quality by providing even glue spreading catered to your specific needs. From dowel gluing to dado and edge gluing, find a variety of interchangeable nozzles compatible with our Pizzi Glue Applicators to match your work-pieces.

Beginning in the 1970's, Pizzi has become the world leader in solutions for PVA gluing. Manufactured in Italy, our Pizzi PVA Glue Applicators are backed by a long history of quality and durability. As with many woodworking shops in North America, once you upgrade to a Pizzi Glue Applicator, you won't ever want to go back to using glue bottles again.


Dowels, Edges, Surfaces, Grooves, Dados, Various Joints, Biscuits, & Profiles

Woodworking Industries

Solid Wood & Panel Processing, Furniture Mfg, Prefab, Cabinet & Carpentry Shops


Faster, Saves Glue, Even Spreading & Better Bond - Quality


No cleaning needed as long as the system remains pressurized with the lid secured and the nozzles (on glue gun) are kept in the bin on the side of the tank. Glue will not dry up for 3 to 4 months - 1 Year Warranty on Tanks

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