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SS130 Power Feeder Smart Stand

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SS130 Power Feeder Smart Stand

The SS130 Smart Stand is the most durable, sophisticated, and heavy-duty power feeder stand in the woodworking industry. Constructed out of ductile steel and weighing around 35 lbs more than other standard power feeder stands, the Smart-Stand ranks much higher than the other stands on the market when it comes to durability and flexibility.

  1. 42" Horizontal Adjustment Arm: This power feeder stand is also built with a longer support column and arm (42 inch horizontal adjustment arm compared to the standard 28 inch arm), making it compatible with larger machinery.
  2. Vertical Adjustment at Front: Standard power feeder stands require vertical adjustment near the base of the stand where the smart stand is vertically adjusted directly above the power feeder, so your operator doesn't have to walk to the back of the machine. This vertical adjustment also makes it so you can pass taller parts up to 20 inches through a feeder without crashing into the horizontal arm of the stand as the horizontal arm is always stationary.
  3. Memo-Locking Feature: When you swing the power feeder out away from machine and bring it back in, the memo-locking mechanism locks the feeder perfectly back into its prior position.

Commonly used with DC Series Variable Speed Power Feeders. *For 1HP AC Motor Feeders: see the SS03 Smart Stand as the feeder attachment is different.

Base Bolt Pattern: 108 x 90mm Center to Center

See video below for Smart Stand functionality on DC and EZ Feeders

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