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Smart 4 Wheel Variable Speed Power Feeder

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[tab name='Overview'] Co-Matic DS400 Variable Speed Power Feeder w/Smart Stand - 4 Wheel DC Brushless Servo

The Co-Matic DS400 is the DC40 Variable Speed Feeder with an upgraded Smart Stand. This is the most robust and flexible 4 wheel feeder and stand combo in the world.

The DS400 Feeder is adjusted up and down from the front so you don't have to walk to the back of the machine. The horizontal arm is 15" longer (42" Overall) than standard arms and is always stationary so you always have a high clearance to run taller parts. The memo-locking mechanism of the smart stand also allows you to swing the feeder out and back in to the exact position you were operating at previously.

Special: Buy two extra grip 50 Durometer GU12 Rollers with a DC/DS Series Feeder and get two free

What makes the Smart Stand worth it?:

  1. 42" Horizontal Adjustment Arm: This power feeder stand is also built with a longer support column and arm (42 inch horizontal adjustment arm compared to the standard 28 inch arm), making it compatible with larger machinery.
  2. Vertical Adjustment at Front: Standard power feeder stands require vertical adjustment near the base of the stand where the smart stand is vertically adjusted directly above the power feeder, so your operator doesn't have to walk to the back of the machine. This vertical adjustment also makes it so you can pass taller parts up to 20 inches through a feeder without crashing into the horizontal arm of the stand as the horizontal arm is always stationary.
  3. Memo-Locking Feature: When you swing the power feeder out away from machine and bring it back in, the memo-locking mechanism locks the feeder perfectly back into its prior position.
  4. More Durability: The base, joints, and handles of the SS130 Smart Stand are superior to that of the standard universal stands and built for longer wear
  5. Optional Height Indicator: Add the Height Indicator to know exactly how high the rollers are as you raise and lower the feeder

What sets this feeder apart from other feeders?:

1. DC Brushless Servo Motor

Experience equivalent torque as 1HP AC motor feeders thanks to a powerful 2/3HP brushless servo motor while saving up to 70% in energy costs.

2. Variable Speed & Digital Controls

No more gear change-out. Easily identify your feed rate and change the speed with the turn of a button at 1 fpm increments until you reach your desired speed from 5-72 fpm

3. Instant 90° Memo-Locking Swivel Adjustment

Swivel the power feeder and lock it in instantly - perpendicular or parallel to the fence with the memo-locking feature not found on standard stock feeders.

4. Detachable Wheel Option

Run this feeder with standard wheels, or simply replace them with thin, split wheel(s) for cutterhead or blade clearance

*Thin RU21 wheels are sold separately and not included with feeder

[tab name='Specs']

Type 4 Wheel Variable Speed
Horse Power & Rotation 2/3HP (1HP AC Equivalent), 1-3 Phase, 110-220V; Forward/Reverse
Range of Speeds
5 - 72 FPM
Roller Size

∅120 x 60 mm (∅4-3/4″ x 2-3/8″) &

∅120 x 25 mm (∅4-3/4″ x 1″)

Roller Suspension

18 mm (3/4″)

Warranty Period 2 years
Base Bolt Pattern 108 x 90mm Center to Center

Optional Digital Height Indicator Info & Installation Instructions

[tab name='Videos']

Video of Smart Stand included with the DS400 (Video is of DS300)

Video of Smart Stand included with the DS400

[tab name='Reviews']

"The best feeder I ever used" (DS400 - DC40 + Smart Stand)

-Michael - Carpenter in Wisconsin

"It (DC40) is very smooth, Quiet and easy to Adjust. We do all custom work and so it is used for Door Sticking, Mouldings, Raised Panels and all kinds of Special Setups."

Dave Kuns - Millwork Preservation

"It is awesome. Plenty of torque... we love it. It protects everybody's hands, and it makes cutting straight lines easier on a table saw."

-Ed Miles - Cafe Tables, South Carolina

"This seems to be an excellent machine. I have began to realize how time saving the variable speed is. I wish they would recall all my old ones for the new variable speed models. It's a great advantage when time is money."

-Leroy, Kansas

"The DC40 suits me very well cause I love options, and I get options with this feeder. I'm not stuck with a fixed speed, and I can use it on my table saw, shaper, and band saw. I also can rewire the machine to change voltage if I have to. It is also very easy to change to single or double wheel layout. The start and stop is very responsive as is the forward and reverse."

Giles Carrier - Kebek Wood Craft

"I just received the feeder (DC40) today and absolutely loveit! Thank you so much for your help!"

Jeffrey - Fawn Grove, PA

"I love my DC40. It's been a great money maker for my little shop."

Ryan - Whitefish, MT (Furniture Maker)

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