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PVA Glue Applicator Tanks - Pressurized


PVA Glue Applicator Tanks - Pressurized

Pizzi PVA Glue Applicator Tanks are built for efficient gluing of dowels, dados, edges, and more to meet your specific gluing needs.  Upgrade your PVA gluing operation with our tanks and glue boards faster and experience improved quality and bonding thanks to even glue spreading.  Check out our wide variety of compatible nozzles that match your PVA gluing needs.  Get rid of your glue bottle and improve your PVA gluing efficiency with our durable PVA Glue Applicator Tanks.

These glue applicator tanks come standard with 1 gun, but additional hoses and guns can be added as all of these models are capable of running 2 guns simultaneously. 

Available in standard steel or stainless steel depending on the model. Stainless steel improves resistance to corrosion of the tank.

 Each tank includes the following parts which are shown in the pictures:

1. Standard Glue Gun

2. Universal Nozzle for the Standard Glue Gun

3. Tap Fitting for Cleaning Nozzles after use

4. 3 Meter Nylon Hose

5. Glue Gun Housing Bin & Housing Support (On side of tank)

 Available Models (Options on top right of page for web checkout):

9001: 1.5 Gallon Standard Steel Pizzi PVA Glue Applicator Tank

8901: 1 Gallon Stainless Steel PVA Glue Applicator Tank - Smallest tank for maximum portability

9012: 2.5 Gallon Stainless Steel PVA Glue Applicator Tank

9021: 5 Gallon Stainless Steel PVA Glue Applicator Tank - The largest glue tank in the Pizzi lineup for longer runs. Add an additional gun and hose to allow for two operators at once.


1. Add PVA glue to container

2. Close lid and hook up compressed air to the tank (fill to a maximum of 5 Bars or 75 PSI)

3. Remove compressed air and tank can be pressurized for months - Recharge when needed or after adding more glue

4. Add preferred nozzle or use the included standard nozzle and begin gluing

5. Place gun and nozzle inside included container on the side of the tank (filled with water) when not in use

6. After daily use, connect the nozzle to the included tap fitting and rinse out.  Also wash out glue gun with water